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Individual Customized Advent Calendars

Your advantages

  • Advent calendars from 1,000 units of one of the leading manufacturers
    Profit from our decades of experience in producing Advent calendars
  • Windel produces only in Germany
    This allows us the best control of our products’ quality
  • Certified food manufacturer according to IFS
    Moreover we use UTZ- certified cocoa
  • Different chocolate types
    Choose between usual and high quality whole milk chocolate, further qualities on demand
  • Different calendar sizes
    Classic Advent calendar in landscape or portrait format
  • Individual chocolate shapes on request
    If you wish,we can also make your own chocolate pieces, e.g. with your logo on them.

Do you require individual advice?
Just fill in your contact details and we will get in touch with you.

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Advent calendars of one of the leading manufacturers.
Profit from our decades of experience in the production of Advent calendars. You probably know our products from the food retail and have once owned a Windel Advent calendar yourself or given it as a gift. We also produce for other, reputable companies of retail and industry, often under their own brand name.

Windel produces only in Germany
We produce only in Germany. This allows us the best control of our product’s quality. Producing in Germany means creating jobs and therefore guaranteeing a future for all of us. Support us – Buy Windel products!

Certified food manufacturer according to IFS
Due to our many years of relations with national and international business partners, we are certified according to the International Food Standard (IFS).

UTZ certified cocoa
UTZ Certified means a sustainable cultivation and better future prospects for the farmers, their families and for our planet. The UTZ program enables farmers to learn better cultivation methods, to improve their working conditions and to take better care for their children and the environment. Due to the UTZ program, farmers ameliorate their harvest, their income and their perspectives while treating with care the environment and the natural resources of the earth. Now and in future. (

Create your own calendar

Create own calendar and make a targeted inquiry. We will send you our offer promptly.

The perfect advertising gift during Christmas season: individual Advent Calendars
Advent calendars as advertising means are part of a smart Marketing strategy. They are part of the digital advertising - gifts or reading material replacing the basic idea that everyone connects with such a calendar: Chocolate pieces for each of the 24 long-awaited days until Christmas.

Advertising Advent calendars: perfectly packaged, sweet advertising messages
Advertising gifts are indispensable and few things are so wonderfully suitable like an Advent calendar. Everyone wants it, thus customers, business partners and employees are likewise happy about such gifts. Needless to mention it is printed. For the Windel Advent calendars you have many options to choose from: Wall calendars which can be printed in offset print with your own design or ready templates.

For companies the well-known logo for example can easily be designed as a striking advertising Advent calendar. The calendar can be printed in portrait or landscape format so that every message can be realised. The high quality offset print also brings out visually the quality of the advertising calendar.

Festive designs, own photographs, pictures or drawings are all attractive possibilities for this advertising material. Moreover we can also print on the backside of the windows. The recurring logo, changing words or proper messages are a good chance to reach and convince your counterpart creatively, amusingly and festively with your advertising. You are welcome to ask for assistance to make your suitable advertising.

Effective advertising in your customer’s focus
According to most of the presentees, also an advertising Advent calendar should contain chocolate. It is the most traditional of all Advent calendar contents. There is no reason to change this. By the way, whole milk chocolate is the most popular type of chocolate. We offer you the usual type as well as a special Premium type. Your Advent calendars will go fast, for example off an exhibition pile as take away item.

When you gather your advertising items, be sure to have enough types of Advent calendars among them. All other items go year round but the Advent calendars are a must in the time before Christmas. Everyone has it in his office – the sales employee as well as his director – The contents are just too delicious.

The big advantage of an Advent calendar is that during at least 24 days – often already before 1st December – the calendar is directly visible and picked up every day. The advertising message, no matter how small and smart it is, will reach the person every day. The better the chocolate tastes, the more the slogan or logo will be connected with an emotional taste sensation of sweetness, indulgence and a comfortable feeling.

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