Innovation and creativity
as success factors

Windel GmbH & Co. KG is an international confectionery manufacturer known for its creative and innovative gifts. Our history goes back to the year 1900, when Ludwig Windel founded the company as a regional confectionery and spirits wholesaler. Dynamic growth set in over the following decades thanks to many innovative product ideas, which made Windel an internationally active company with a unique profile.

Today, Windel offers suitable sweet gifts for all gift-giving occasions and target groups. Our own Product Development team always provides new impetus and innovative product concepts, so customers can look forward to interesting new developments every year. Windel exports its products to more than 50 countries worldwide. The company is managed Fred Windel, in the fourth generation of the family.

Windel through the years


We strive for setting an example of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and community. Find out here how these aspects shape our work and our company and how they are anchored in our sustainability strategy.

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Mission statement

Our mission statement describes the pillars of how we live and work together within the Windel Group. They form the foundation for a vibrant corporate culture and therefore also for our success.

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Windel quality

We have established and optimised a unique production process over the years so that you can enjoy our magnificent sweet treats. One of the foundations on which this process is built is our handcraft. Our sweet gifts are exclusively hand-made in Germany. To achieve this, we have a strong team of experienced employees and more than 16,000 m² of production space at our disposal. All this gives us the necessary flexibility to implement new product ideas on a regular basis. At the same time, we can ensure that the products leave our premises so you receive then in optimum quality.

We buy some of the components in our sweet gifts from abroad. Like all product components, they are thoroughly checked using our quality management system so that you receive a flawless product.

IFS International Food Standard

The IFS was developed in 2003 as a quality and food safety standard for retailers’ own brands. It is used for the uniform review of food safety and the quality level of food manufacturers and is now used for both industrial and private labels. The quality management system itself, personal hygiene, the manufacturing process and product protection are just a few points from the extensive testing program. The fulfilment of these criteria is reviewed annually by external, accredited and independent certification bodies. Windel has been IFS-certified since 2003 and exceeds the requirements.


HACCP stands for "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points” and covers all stages of food preparation, processing, manufacture, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, treatment and sale. HACCP’s main goal is to ensure consumer health. This is achieved by avoiding the potential hazards in food production. Windel has implemented an HACCP concept over several years to ensure that all potential health hazards are ruled out.


Safe, defect-free and high-quality goods on all European markets: That is the aim of the CE marking. For this reason, toys within the EU may only be sold with a CE mark. This marking documents that the toy meets the safety and health requirements of the European Union.

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