Windel combines
creativity with quality

It is the creativity and quality of our products that sets them apart. Just like the way they make everyone’s light up, not just children’s. For young and old, Easter and Christmas, to say thank you or just because, Windel has the perfect sweet gift for almost every occasion.


Christmas is the best time of the year for sweet gifts. That’s why our Christmas range is full of creative surprises that come from the heart.

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Advent calendar

If anticipation is not only the most beautiful, but also the sweetest of all joys, we have just the right thing: our large selection of Advent calendars for young and old.

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An assortment as fresh and colourful as spring - that’s what our Easter presents are made of. Even the Easter Bunny will be jealous!

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Mother’s Day / Valentine’s Day

Want a gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day that is not just heartfelt, but also playful and creative? Then look for a sweet gift from our small and fine range.

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By the time Advent comes around, just about every child is looking forward to Christmas. They have even more fun with friends they know from films and books. That’s why we have many licensed products in our range, from Peppa Pig to the Minions.

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Your questions, our answers – the Heidel FAQ

Every day, we receive questions from customers about Heidel items and how we make our chocolate.
We have compiled the most frequently asked questions (and our answers to them) for you in our FAQ.
If you do not find the answer to your specific question here, please feel free to call us (+49 541 9181-0)
or you can email us via our contact form.

We look forward to your questions and feedback.

How do I store chocolate correctly?

It is best to store chocolate in a cool and dry place at a constant temperature between 14°C and 18°C.

Why has a white film formed on the chocolate surface?

If chocolate is stored too warm for a long time or at very higher temperatures for a short time, the cocoa butter contained in the cocoa mass escapes and causes a typical white-grey discolouration, also known as fat bloom. The fat crystallisation does not affect the taste, it is only an optical defect. We monitor the temperature of our chocolate until it leaves the factory. After this stage in the process, our customers, particularly retail companies in the food trade, are responsible for proper storage. When storing in vehicles during transport, or in your home, please remember never to store chocolate near heat sources.

Do you host factory tours?

We are an IFS (International Food Standard) certified company and make chocolate to the highest hygienic standards. In order to prevent contamination of products. we never offer guided tours. We firmly that this is also in the best interests of our customers.

Can I buy Windel products online?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to order products directly online via our homepage.

Are there any free products, samples or free chocolate to try out?

We get a lot of enquiries about this. Also, in the interests of equal customer treatment, we generally do not send out any free products

Does Windel offer free promotional material?

. We also do not send out any promotional items such as biros, pins, stickers and the like.

I have an Easter calendar from Windel. When is the first door to open?

Sweetening the time before Christmas is a delicious tradition. And what is possible at Christmas is also possible at Easter. With the 10-door Easter calendar, you start 10 days before Easter (Easter Sunday) and open the door to a piece of chocolate every day. There is also another way: Open the first door on Easter Sunday and reward yourself for enduring Lent.

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