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Customer service

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions? Maybe you can already find the answer in our FAQs. A quick look will be worth it. However you are also welcome to call us or use our contact form. We are always thankful for any suggestions, compliments and complaints.

How do I store chocolate properly?

At best, store the chocolate in a cool and dry place at constant temperatures between 14°C und 18°C.

What does it mean, when a white layer developed on the surface of the chocolate?

If chocolate is stored either too warm for too long or under higher temperatures for a short time, the cocoa butter contained in the cocoa liquor leaks out and causes a typical white-grey colour change, also called fat bloom. This fat crystallisation doesn’t have any impact on the taste, just on the visual appearance. We control the temperature of our chocolate until it leaves the factory. Afterwards our customers, especially the retail businesses of the food trade, are responsible for appropriate storage. Please remember during the transport in the car and the storage at home to never keep the chocolate next to heat sources.

Is it possible to have a company viewing?

We are a food business certified according to IFS (International Food Standard) and produce under highest hygiene standards. To avoid a possible contact with the products during a visit, unfortunately it is not possible to offer tours. We are convinced that this is also in the sense of all customers.

Can products be ordered online?

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity so far to directly order the products online on our homepage.

Are there any free products, samples or chocolate available to try for free?

We receive many requests regarding this. Also for reasons of equal treatment of all customers we generally don´t send out any products for free.

Is there any free advertising material available from Windel?

No, unfortunately not. Advertising material such as pens, pins, stickers or anything similar are not disposable.

I have an Easter calendar from Windel. When can I open the first door?

To sweeten the waiting time until Christmas is a nice tradition. And what is possible for Christmas is also possible for Easter. With the 10-door Easter calendar you start 10 days before Easter (Easter Sunday) and look forward to a piece of chocolate every day. There is also another opportunity: Open the first door on Easter Sunday and reward yourself on the following days for the fact that you got through the fasting period.

Customer telephone service

Phone.: +49 5419181-0

Monday till Thursday 07:30 am till 04:30 pm
Friday 07:30 am till 12:45 pm

Tested Quality

Our quality and safety standards are constantly being developed further and are among others certified according to IFS and BRC.

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