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History of the Company

The beginning (1900 - 1965)

The company is founded in 1900 as a wholesaler for confectionary and it remains a regional confectionary and liquor wholesale up until the sixties. Alongside confectionary, fish and gourmet food is traded. Windel also produces pudding powder during the first two generations. The company stays in business during both world wars, but only later further expansion is possible.

Reorientation and expansion (1966 – 1995)

In 1966, Alfred and Mechthild Windel, the third generation, have the idea to produce Santa’s Branches. They had seen these in only a few confectionaries and wanted to produce them efficiently and cost-effectively. The first customers are big department stores, which give the new product a chance and have great success with it. Even today, an updated version of Santa’s Branch is still part of the product range. With it the idea of combination-products made of food and non-food components is born. This was the foundation for the dynamic company development to become an industrial organisation.

Today Windel offers sweet gifts for every occasion and target group, which are further developed every year in a creative and innovative way. This also includes the chocolate-filled advent calendars, which have been part of the product range since 1986 and are now available in many variations.

Development into the Windel Group (1996 – today)

In the fourth generation, Windel starts to develop into a successful group comprising five companies. Initially in 1995 the Farüchoc Schokoladenfabrik from Karlsruhe is acquired – which location is moved to Osnabrück four years later. Since 2003 Kim’s Chocolates, one of the largest Belgian chocolate manufacturers, is part of the Windel Group. In 2014, Windel adds the first non-confectionary company to the group, the start-up Coffee-Bike. In 2016 the start-up myChoco follows, which is building up a new, strong brand on the chocolates shelf.

For this development, the innovative achievements as well as the engagement in the region the Windel Group is honoured with the “Osnabrücker Wirtschaftspreis” (Osnabrücker Economy Award) in 2018.

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