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The Windel-Quality 

We produce in Germany

Our sweet presents are exclusively produced in Germany. By doing this we can control the quality of our gifts in the best possible way.

The hand production at Windel is a big part of the production process. It creates flexibility to always put new product ideas into practice. At the same time our employees ensure the sustained high quality of our individual gifts with their experience and special skills.

Our popular advent calendars, which many children have been growing up with, are also produced on-site in Osnabrück. Every year many millions of them. State-of-the-art machines specialised for these products guarantee top quality. However this area of production also requires hand production, as many of the Windel advent calendars offer something extraordinary, which can't easily be produced by machines.

Of course we also purchase products for our sweet gifts from abroad. Many of our non-food goods, such as plush toys, decorative boxes or ceramic cups, come from China. Just like all other product components, they are thoroughly tested within our quality management systems.

There are two production plants at our location in Osnabrück. We have 16.000 m² of production space available to us and additionally use logistic centres with an area of 8.000 m².

Production in Germany means the creation of jobs and therefore guaranteeing a future for us all. Support us through buying products from Windel!

Quality standards

Our quality and safety standards are constantly being developed further and are certified according to IFS and BRC.

IFS International Food Standard

The IFS was developed in 2003 as a quality and food safety standard for own brands on the market. It serves the purpose of a standardised examination of food safety and quality levels of food manufacturers and is meanwhile being used for industry- as well as own brands. The quality management system in itself, the personal hygiene, the production process and the product protection are just a few points in the comprehensive inspection programme. The fulfilment of these criteria is checked yearly by external, accredited and independent certification authorities. Windel has been IFS-certified since 2003 and fulfils the listed requirements even on a higher level. 


HACCP is the acronym for „Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points“ and stands for the risk assessment and control of critical factors – on all levels of preparation, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution, handling and when selling the food. The main aim of the HACCP is the protection of the customer´s health. This is achieved through avoiding potential dangers in the food production. Certainly, Windel has been implementing a HACCP concept for years, to ensure that potential health threats are eliminated.

Toy safety

The toy safety is an important concern for us. Therefore we have our toys checked by accredited, independent institutions (such as eurofins) in Germany to see if they conform to CE- and other standards.

We are a member of the DVSI, the German toy association, whose aim it is to consolidate the knowledge about safe toys throughout the whole supply chain.

Safe, flawless and high quality goods on all European markets: That is the aim of the CE-label. Therefore, only toys with CE-label are allowed to be distributed within the EU. This label documents, that the toy complies to the safety- and health requirements of the European Union.

Among our partners in the field of toy safety is eurofins, one of the world’s leading service providers concerning analytics.

Warning notices highlight special dangers for small children. Usually they can be found on the packaging. Small children like to put everything in their mouth, which is why toys for children under 3 years need to be composed in a way that they can’t be swallowed or breathed in. In the case of toys that are not suitable for children under 3 years, the warning notice “Not suitable for children under 3 years” needs to be visible. An explanation (for example “Small parts might be swallowed or inhaled”) is added to the warning notice. According to legal requirements, we are obliged to provide our products with appropriate warning notices. These should guarantee, that the toy is used properly. Moreover, they offer additional information about age-based usage.

Social Standards

We expect from our suppliers that they adhere to recognised social standards such as BSCI or ICTI. Particularly the suppliers in China, from which Windel obtains toys, but also other non-food goods such as metal boxes, plastic items or basketry are under special supervision.


Windel is a member of amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. We improve the social performance of our supply chain via amfori BSCI.

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