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The Windel GmbH & Co. KG is European based confectionary manufacturer, operating in all global regions, and renowned for its creative and innovative gifts.

The company can look back on a long tradition. It was founded in 1900 and remained a regional sweets and spirits wholesaler until the sixties of the last century.

1968 and in the following years Alfred Windel (the third family generation) and his wife Mechthild Windel develop the idea of the sweet presents: Delicious candy in a creative wrapping, often together with an additional product with an interesting consumer use, for example a cute plush toy for children or a pretty gift basket for adults.

As a result of many innovative product ideas the business grew dynamically. In 1986 chocolate-filled advent calendars extended the product range. In this segment Windel is truly a global leader offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of advent calendars with unique and creatively led designs.

Today Windel offers suitable sweet presents for all gift occasions and target groups. Among these are many popular classics, which are part of the tradition already. But our own product development ensures that there are constantly new ideas and innovative product concepts.

So every year the customers can look forward to new developments. Windel exports its products worldwide into more than 50 countries. The business is led in the fourth generation by Fred Windel.

"It is the pleasure of innovation and improvement, the trust in our employees and the reliability in our doing, that characterizes Windel as a family business"

Fred Windel
Managing Shareholder

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